Lucky Cherry

No. 1 Earning app in India

  • Simple tasks
  • ₹5 Withdrawal
  • 24h to account
  • Earn by inviting

Our Partner

  • Simple tasks
    Earn 35 rupees by doing tasks for 5 minutes every day
  • ₹5 Withdrawal
    5 rupees minimum withdrawal, unlimited number of times
  • 24h to account
    Arrive within 24 hours. If it takes more than 24 hours, we will offer cash reparation
  • Earn by inviting
    Inviting a friend can earn you up to 110 rupees

How to make money fast

Check in

Check in for 7 consecutive days, you can get 3.5 rupees cash; you can do tasks anytime, anywhere; contact customer service anytime, if you have any questions

Inviting friends

Each invited friend earns you 5 rupees; receive 20% of the friend’s reward; if your invited friends continue to invite friends, you will get their 20% reward, as well; the more you invite, the more you earn; there is no upper limit


A large number of tasks; just some simple steps to make money; various ways to make money: doing tasks, reading novels, playing games, and playing big wheel; up to 500 rupees a day; the tasks are updated every day

Our Withdrawal Guara

  • 5 rupees minimum withdrawal
  • Arrive within 24 hours
  • More than 24 hours, we will offer cash reparation
  • Various withdrawal methods; multiple withdrawals a day